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iPodize my photo!

Do you ever look at those ads and see those people holding ipods and how
they look and think, i wonder how i'd look like that? Well, even if you don't
, it's still cool to have your picture iPodized. Oh, and we only charge $6.00
compared to our competitor who charges $19.95 per picture.

Earn money referring freinds

We are willing to give $1.33 for every friend you refer to make a purchase on our site. So, let's say you have a friend and you use this page to tell them about ipodize.biz.ly. A referral e-mail is created and if your friend orders thru that e-mail, we are notified and we send you $1.33 via paypal. Why $1.33, you ask? well, this is because after most common paypal fees, this comes to $0.99. just enough to buy a song off your favoritre music download program!

So, start reffering, go here to start

Ipod Photo sweepstakes

Can't afford an ipod? Well join our sweepstakes and win one. we pick a winner every week!

"iPod" is the property of Apple Computer. iPodize is not affiliated with Apple Computer in any way, except that we love iPods.

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